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How to Donate

100+ Women Who Care Montreal has partnered with the Charitable Impact Foundation, to provide members with a secure and easy-to-use donation platform. Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada) is a registered charity and public foundation. This will replace our previous Canada Helps donation platform.

How does it work?

Charitable Impact effectively functions as a bank account for our giving group. Funds from the giving group can only be disbursed to a CRA registered charity. When making a donation, you're actually making a donation to the Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada)— a registered charity and public foundation. You will therefore recieve an immediate tax receipt.

After our vote, your funds will be sent to the winning charity.

You can choose:


Simplify and make automatic monthly donations of  $25 OR


Make a $100 donation four times a year- These must be made either prior the event or within 24 hours after the event. You use the donation link below for either option.

Automatic withdrawals can be subscribed to in the first two weeks of June, October and February- this allows members to  reach  the $100 donation prior to our next event ( 4 payments of 25$). 

Here is an instructional video to get you started.

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